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Quilted Wallet: Tutorial Review

I am always hunting for new things to do with fat quarters. They are such cheap, fun sources of fabric, and most projects related to them are quick enough to do an evening. A quick, inexpensive sewing project? Sign me up! The Quilted Wallet with 3 fat quarters, from That Darn Kat, turned out to be… not that so much.

TUTORIAL: Quilted Wallet

SOURCE: That Darn Kat




DSCN0053When sewing the quilted top together, I pressed open the seams. I remained pretty faithful to the tutorial, the biggest change was probably how much pressing I did.

DSCN0047I think one of the reasons I found this tutorial so challenging is because I don’t have a very reliable ruler. Marking straight lines has always been one of my sewing Achilles’ heel. My pieces didn’t fit together correctly, so there was a lot of adjustments and pressing required.

In this picture, you can see my markings for the lower credit card slot pockets. Luckily, I managed to make these mostly straight.

DSCN0052The hardest part of the tutorial was figuring out pressing the pocket into shape. After an entire evening of trial and error, I finally understood the pocket needed to be pressed into a kind of accordion shape, with the lines acting as dividers. I then accidentally top-stitched the wrong pocket, so after seam-ripping and re-pressing, I stuck a pin into the top of the each credit card “slot” to keep it straight.


All and all, I’m actually pleased with how this tutorial turned out. I look forward to experimenting with more fat quarter patterns.


  • Invest in a nice, see-through ruler and a rotary cutter. 

-Thwarted Needles

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