Below you’ll find a collection of the books in my personal library, with an overall review.

  • Thread Spindle: How highly I’d recommend the book, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.
  • Needle: Difficulty level, with 1 being the easiest and 3 being the hardest.
Rating: 4Spindle
Difficulty: 2needle
Favorite Project:
I love the explanation of fabrics, and which projects you can use with which, in this book. The illustrations are also top-notch, and I found most of the explanations easy to follow.My biggest nit-pick with this book is I would have liked to see a greater diversity of projects for adults. Quite a few of the projects are aimed towards children…. though I suppose that’s expected when you’re only working with one yard of fabric.
Rating: 2Spindle
Difficulty: 2needle
Favorite Project:
I was very excited to find a book with tons of stuffed animal patterns, as they make a great gift for kids. The selection is impressive, but I found the instructions very lacking. The only visuals are hand-drawn outlines, with 2-3 sentences of explanation; not enough, in my opinion.

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