Venellope Von Schweetz: Sweatshirt Color

24 Mar


I’m taking my first tentative steps towards my Venellope cosplay (countdown: 3 months.) I’m now on my third custom fabric swatch, trying to get the color of her sweatshirt right. I just ordered a swatch of the color on the right; I think I’ve finally got it. (The alt text has the hex codes if you’re interested.)

As for the skirt, I’ve been eyeing Simplicity #2365, view B. It’s got a tiered look going on, with an elastic waistband (so no insane fitting.) It also has a wide array of fabrics to choose from, so finding chocolate-colored cloth won’t be as difficult. I think I’ll try tackling that first, while I wait for the swatches to come back.

Finding a sweatshirt pattern seems to be the big challenge. If anyone out there has found a sewing pattern for a non-zipped hoodie with a kangaroo pocket, please, I beg of you, send it my way!


Hex: #bdfbc8Hex: #8bbdb2

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