Sew Along Boxers: Week 3

27 Jan

Video editing is a strange, and not always cooperative, beast. I was able to get most of my video for this week’s Sew Along created, but the conversion inexplicably cut out the first step, so I hope you’ll forgive if Step 1 is in text form.

Welcome back to January’s Sew Along, Boxers! This week we’ll actually start the sewing. In this post, we’ll cover steps 1-7 in your Simplicity pattern, and then cover finishing touches, elastic insertion, and hemming next week.

Step 1 calls for us to add a stitching line to the right (fabric) side of the Left Front boxer piece. In order to figure out which piece is your left and which is your right, hold the pieces up as if you were wearing them. The flap should be in the front. Take the piece that is on your left, and lay it right (fabric) side facing you.

Now, place your pattern right side (the side with the actual print) onto the fabric. (Right sides together.) The edges should match. Find a line near the flap marked “Left Stitching Line.” This line will differ depending on what size you are sewing, so make sure you choose the correct stitching line for your size!

I am sewing a small size. In order to correctly draw the line, I fold the flap pattern piece back, so I can mark right along the edge of the pattern paper onto the fabric. If you are marking, make sure you use water-solvable markers/pencils! These will disappear once you wash the fabric so you won’t need to worry about unsightly lines on the nice, right side of the fabric.

You can also hand-baste the stitching line, but where’s the fun in that?

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